Beta At a Glance

۲۰۰۲ (Start of activity of Beta Engineering Group)

Implementation of fire resistant coating

Droud Refinery 3 Khark Island

Year 1383

Obtaining exclusive representation

From Grace-AVI


Cooperation with KCH Germany

Implementation of Arvand Petrochemical Profiling Acid Coating

Year 2012

Construction and operation of the factory

Production of cold insulation foam

Year 2018

Establishment of a factory in Shiraz Special Economic Zone

Production of fire resistant product THERMOGAP

Year 2019

Representation of Doppler Greece

elevator and escalator

Year 2019

Production of fire resistant product of oil, gas and petrochemical industry (THERMOGAP-H)

Factory located in Shiraz Special Economic Zone

Year 2020

Obtaining the title of knowledge base

From the Vice President for Science and Technology

Year 2020

Obtaining certification from Metra Laboratory

Carrying out specialized tests of fire and oil product of oil and gas sector

Beta at a glance

Construction of an elevator factory

Production of motors and elevator parts in the country