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about us

Behsazan Danesh Bonyan Arman Development Company (Beta Engineering Group) was established in 2002 and is active in the oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries. During the years of operation, the implementation of various protective coatings, including fire-resistant coating, acid Profiling and water proofing has been done in cooperation with top European companies.

Since 1392, with the construction and operation of the Cold Insulation foam production line factory in Iran, this company has met the strategic needs of refineries and petrochemical sites according to the spec of TOTAL company and ASTM standard.

In 1397, with localization and domestic production of fire-resistant coating product of the construction sector with the brand THERMOGAP in Shiraz Special Economic Zone and passing the necessary tests in Efectis laboratory, succeeded in obtaining a technical certificate from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center.

The product of fireproof coating of oil, gas and petrochemical sector in 1398 with the brand name THERMOGAP-H has been produced and has been sent to the market by passing specialized tests in the laboratory of Metra Group.

In 1398, Beta Engineering Group succeeded in obtaining an exclusive agency to supply, install and operate all types of construction elevators and escalators in cooperation with the Greek company DOPPLER according to EN81 standard and also under a joint venture agreement with this company Setting up a factory to produce engines and control panels in Iran. The aim of this company is to transfer the best knowledge and technology in the world in the field of elevators, escalators and automatic doors with priority on safety, quality and beauty. In this regard, using the knowledge and experience of a team of experienced engineers in technical consulting, design, Production, supply, installation, support, after-sales service to take steps to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Beta mission description

We are committed to being at the forefront of advanced fire-retardant coating technology and providing our customers with a variety of fire-resistant steel products that have greater thermal resistance, unparalleled durability and ease of implementation. We technically support our customers with our experience and expertise, and this is done by well-known and experienced contractors who are committed to their customer service.

We provide our customers with the best and safest materials that retain their properties in the event of a fire and save lives.